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Tatiana Palnitska

Tatiana Palnitska- Necklace/Grey-Red

Tatiana Palnitska- Necklace/Grey-Red

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Each piece is a miniature art piece, totally unique, hand made entirely by the artist. The acrylic/resin material is similar to the celebrated vintage lucite in that it is rock hard, unbreakable and lets the light shine through, making each piece glow from within and letting the light play from different angles.

The necklaces are reversible, giving you two different looks in one, depending on which side you want to face out, as they are totally different.

Encapsulated inside each piece are various natural objects like dried flowers, leaves, roots, pieces of bark, sand, etc. along with sculptural pieces of copper, silk, silk thread, and various beads, including semi-precious stones and Swarovski faceted beads, which add to the light play.

One of a Kind

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