Collection: Annie Turbin Designs

Annie Turbin: Fashion Designer with a Passion for Casual Elegance

Annie Turbin's love for fashion was kindled at an early age, thanks to her family's creative influence. Raised by a mother with a keen eye for design and quality and inspired by her grandfather, a skilled tailor, Annie developed a profound appreciation for the intricacies of fashion.

Her journey into fashion design began when, as a musician in Los Angeles, she experimented with painting on fabric. A chance encounter at a 4th of July party, where she wore a dress of her own creation, led to instant demand for her designs. This serendipitous moment marked the start of her fashion venture.

Annie's design philosophy revolves around the idea that fashion should be comfortable yet stylish. She believes in the power of a great shirt to elevate an outfit without making it overly formal. Her approach reflects the quintessential Californian style, combining casual elegance with sustainability at its core, using handcrafted techniques and materials primarily sourced from California.

Annie Turbin's designs celebrate a blend of sophistication, comfort, and the beauty of American craftsmanship.