Collection: SG Liquid Metal

Sergio Gutierrez, born in Colombia, studied electronic engineering in Medellin before relocating to San Francisco in 1991. There, he delved into researching ways to use ball chain, ultimately creating the foundation for his iconic Liquid Metal Mesh jewelry and accessories.

Designer Betsy Johnson was quick to recognize Sergio's talent, approaching him in 1994 for exclusive designs in her retail stores. The collaboration lasted two years. Sergio's journey continued as he expanded his client list to include Nordstrom, Bebe, Cache, W Hotels, and numerous boutiques.

Relocating to Miami in 1996, Sergio's creativity flourished. He fused his Liquid Metal Mesh with leather, crafting unique pieces like bags, bracelets, belts, jackets, and clothing. In 2003, he patented the "Liquid Microchip," transforming electronic components into delicate decorative elements.

Celebrities, including Demi Moore, Cher, and Nicole Kidman, adorn Sergio's designs. His mesh creations are embraced for their comfort and uniqueness, becoming an extension of the wearer's identity.

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