Collection: Simon Sebbag Designs

Simon Sebbag, an Israeli jewelry designer with a strong engineering background, crafted a distinctive line of Sterling Silver jewelry that balances bold aesthetics with remarkable lightness. In 1990, Denise Sebbag, a fashion merchandising expert, joined the venture, contributing to its current success.

As a mechanical engineer, Simon innovatively applied sterling over wax, resulting in pieces stamped .925 for their substantial composition, not mere plating. Despite sounding and feeling hollow, the sterling is thick enough to displace wax, creating the illusion of weightlessness.

Simon aims to offer wearers a sense of grandeur and solidity without the burden, achieved through the use of big, bold hoops in post or clip styles for comfort. Real stones and pearls enhance the designs, adding vibrant pops and complementing clothing colors. Simon Sebbag's jewelry epitomizes the fusion of engineering ingenuity and fashion-forward design, providing a unique blend of bold aesthetics and lightweight elegance.