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Kay Chapman Designs

Kay Chapman Designs- Elia Tunic

Kay Chapman Designs- Elia Tunic

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Introducing a mesmerizing hand-dyed kimono-style tunic that exudes grace and elegance. Embracing the captivating beauty of nature, this tunic showcases a stunning arrangement of palm fronds in a captivating blend of black, peri, and purple hues. Inspired by Kay's iconic "Palms" pattern, this garment embodies a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tunic is adorned with a wide black border along the hemline and sides, adding a touch of sophistication to its design. Enhancing its allure, allowing for a gentle and flattering drape that gracefully follows your every movement, perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.

Impeccably crafted from 100% silk crepe, this garment offers a luxurious feel against your skin. To preserve its exquisite quality, we recommend dry cleaning for optimal care.

One Size

Made in USA

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